SOLVE™ Platform

Jennerex's products are designed using the proprietary SOLVE™ (Selective Oncolytic Vaccinia Engineering) platform. SOLVE takes advantage of the natural attributes of vaccinia virus as well as their ability to be genetically engineered to produce safe, therapeutic viruses that can infect solid tumors both systemically and locally. These products are highly selective for tumor tissue based on several genetic signatures in cancer (including activation of the EGFR/ras and VEGFR pathways), and therefore have manageable and transient side effects, which have typically been acute flu-like symptoms that resolve within 24 hours of treatment. The SOLVE platform has the ability to produce novel, multi-functional products, such as Pexa-Vec, that can selectively express high concentrations of complementary therapeutics such as GM-CSF. We plan to continue employing SOLVE to create new therapeutics that broadly target different types of cancers in our early-stage pipeline.